About AWAY design

The skinny…

AWAY design is the design house that sprung from Aston Villa Central and footballURLs; an umbrella over existing projects and a launch pad for future ideas and ventures.

Football is the world game, the beautiful game. Deceptively simple at first glance, but layered with complexity and an irresistible allure only to be found through deep immersion. The deeper you allow yourself to fall, the more you discover.

It’s the inherent joy that can be derived from football that we’ll focus on here at AWAY design. The best design strips away everything that is unnecessary, pushes all the noise to one side and drills down to what is truly important. That’s what AWAY design is about at its core: the beauty of simplicity.

We’ll turn interesting statistics into engaging infographics, but leave the endless number regurgitation elsewhere; that’s not analysis. We’ll experiment with new ways to present the game using the latest HTML5 & CSS3 languages spiced up with a dash of JQuery. We’ll attempt to capture the moments that really mattered in football using illustration so they can be shared and enjoyed always.

And yes, there will be merch.

Why “Away”?

Either all the good names were already taken or it’s a bit of genius marketing…

The next time you’re watching a match and the ball is sent into the box from a set piece and you hear the goalkeeper, or a defender, or anyone else shout out “AWAY!!” you’ll think of AWAY design and smile.

You might even buy a tee-shirt and wear it ironically. That’s what all the cool kids are doing.

Who are ya?

I’m an Englishman about three hours from New York (that was Sting’s original working title y’know). My main passions in life are obviously football and design, but I’m also a sucker for Formula 1 and anything that involves riding a board (surf/snow/skate).

If I’m not watching a round ball being kicked (or occasionally a pointy one thrown), or a wave or slope being ridden, I may well be out pounding the pavements and trails of Lancaster County, either by foot or on a bike.